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33rd Regiment of Foot  -  We are a mature and friendly regiment based in the EU for the multiplayer Napole...
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[Rct] hellbert666PL tag and [Rct] Commander Dimitri tagtag registered to 33rd Regiment of Foot
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[LCpl] Louisss tagtag  Welcome !!!
[Pte] KarlFranz tag  That's a nice head you got on your shoulderz!
[SjtMaj] IrishMan tagtag  donated £20.00 to 33rd Regiment of Foot.
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[Col] Spoons tagtag  pizzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[Pte] KarlFranz tag  Yea BOIIII
[Pte] Douglass tagtag  Rookie numbers
[LtCol] Kincaid tagtagMod this week for the New England Army event is N&S - download link below.

Hopefully we can get a good turn-out, not a bad mod this one :)
North & South: First Manassas mod for Mount & Blade Warband:...
North & South - First Manassas The American Civil War is a modification for the glorious M&B Warband: Napoleonic Wars! The mod is set 50 years after the Napoleonic Wars. The united...
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[Rgl] derpyyordi tag  welcome ;)
[Rgl] Charizard tag[link]
Mount & Blade dub: Game of Thrones Season 1 bits (Happy New ...
I finally got around to making another Mount & Blade dub vid...
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[Rct] Ya_scurvy_dog tagtag and [Rct] GertK tagtag registered to 33rd Regiment of Foot
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[Pte] KarlFranz tag  It's almost harvesting season!
[Rgl] derpyyordi tag  welcome to you both!
[Pte] smov taghelp me get a GF plis
Is smov a cool dude ?
Vote Now! [Yes, Ofc what kind of question is that] [Nein]
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[Kgn] Šupak tagtag  9
[Pte] KarlFranz tag  nice dude very good at melee :d
[Sjt] Chef tagtagThank you all for the useful comments , I have looked into all of them that you have submitted but I have decided on these final two.


If you could vote that would be great.
Rival 600 vs G703
Vote Now! [Rival 600] [G703]
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[Friend] Gurkha tag  Steel series are only good at making mousepads, their mouses are notorious for breaking/having faulty sensors. Logtiech is very overated, hyped and overpriced (lmao 70 - 80 pounds for a mouse) too since they sponsor pretty much every esports team and forces players to use their mouse. Check this site out: [link] guy running it has owned and reviewed 100's of mouses
[Sjt] Chef tagtag  Thanks ! I will check that out too before buying.
[Sjt] Chef tagtagHello everybody , recently my mouse broke and have been looking for another one to buy. Any recommendations to buy? ( My preferred mouse is something small , medium weight and the relatively easy to click.)
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[Kgn] Sanders tagtag  I use the Corsair M65
[Cpl] Matt tagtag  same as oda
[Lt] SneakyFellow tagtag  I have deathadder as well
[Lt] Blaze tagtagHoldfast will be on sale in about 5-6 hours! It's estimated that it'll be off by 25% so make sure you get it while it's on sale! :)
Also if you can leave positive reviews on it it's much appreciated, although the melee is still broken it's on the developers to do list so don't ya worry! :)
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[SjtMaj] IrishMan tagtag
[Rct] Highlander tag and [Rct] Uganda888 tagtag registered to 33rd Regiment of Foot
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[Lt] Blaze tagtagI apologise for the conquest today, I was picking maps off the list on the FSE thread and the map I chose was "River Crossing" but it never specified if it was day or morning, I decided to pick day and the file was corrupt so crashed the server.
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[Pte] KarlFranz tag  #BlazeBestEU
[Pte] smov tag
Link Description
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[Trp] Lodewijk tagtagQR best R, QL best L, No.2 C best C.
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[Rgl] Unwilling tagBlaze for permanent conquest admin
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